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Livestock Transport in Dubbo

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Cows — Dubbo Tilt Tray Services in Dubbo, NSW

Livestock Transport

Transporting livestock is one of the most challenging jobs for any transport company. Since the load is living, it makes transportation trickier. The good news is that Dubbo Tilt Tray Services can help.

Unlike fixed loads which you can strip down, livestock is not possible to strap for safety reasons. As such, they need a specialised transport truck that is designed for them. After all, the buyer will not be happy if the livestock is delivered bruised, damaged or dead.

At Dubbo Tilt Tray Services, we help you move livestock safely and comfortably. We understand how important it is to keep the animal healthy, happy and safe. That’s why we use the best transportation equipment available.

Our Livestock Truck


Our livestock truck provides a safe place for your livestock to rest while we move them from one location to another. Engineered and constructed by Duncan Stock Crates, it’s built out of A-Grade Australian steel that provides a secure and safe environment for transportation.

During transport, livestock can shift quite a bit, leaving them a bruised or hurt. When designing our trailer, Duncan Stock Crates focused on minimising damage to livestock.

Plus, our livestock truck is equipped with an airbag suspension to help reduce shock to your livestock. An air bag suspension can handle loads of varying weight while ensuring that the ride quality never changes.
Cows Eating Hay — Dubbo Tilt Tray Services in Dubbo, NSW
A Truck — Dubbo Tilt Tray Services in Dubbo, NSW

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Don’t risk your livestock with a transportation service that’s not properly equipped for safety. Not only do we have a specialised truck, we never rush from one job to another. Instead, we factor time into each delivery to ensure we’re never rushing around, which can cause stress or damage to your livestock.

If you want your livestock orders delivered on time and without damage, then contact us today. We work seven days and week, and we’ll provide you with a free quote over the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions



Are there any special licenses needed for livestock transport?

In most areas, you need a commercial driver’s license to transport livestock. However, that does make you qualified to transport livestock safely. There are many extras to consider when transporting livestock to ensure they arrive safely without damage of any kind.

How much livestock weight can be safely transported in a single trip?

This depends on the truck and trailer that we use for livestock transport. Our truck holds loads up to 10.5 tonnes in a single trip.

Will my animals be safe during livestock transport?

Yes, quality service providers take precautions to ensure that no animals are harmed during transport. At Dubbo Tilt Tray Services, we use vehicles with the proper capacity and safety measures to ensure safe and reliable transport of livestock throughout the Dubbo area.