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Tilt Tray Services in Dubbo

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A Tilt Tray Truck — Dubbo Tilt Tray Services in Dubbo, NSW

Prompt & affordable deliveries

From emergency transportation needs to scheduled deliveries, we’re ready to help. Dubbo Tilt Tray Services is ready to help you move your vehicles, heavy machinery, buildings and more all across Dubbo and the surrounding areas.

Since 2017, we’ve helped hundreds of customers move loads of varying sizes safely, without damage.

Vehicle Transportation


Whether you’re broke down and need emergency transportation services or you need to move multiple vehicles to another lot, we’re ready to help. Our 29-foot trailer can easily accommodate multiple vehicles. Even if the vehicle is immobile, our 30,000lb winch will make sure we get it on the truck.

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Caravans
  • Trailers
Tow Truck — Dubbo Tilt Tray Services in Dubbo, NSW
Tilt Tray Carrying An Equipment — Dubbo Tilt Tray Services in Dubbo, NSW

Heavy Machinery


Moving large equipment can be difficult, especially for companies not equipped properly. Our tilt trays can handle loads up to 9 metres in size with weights not exceeding 10.5 tonnes.

When your heavy machinery breaks down, moving it is a challenge. Whether you need it transported from one site to another or you need it hauled to your mechanic, we’ll make sure it gets there quickly.
  • Bobcats
  • Forklifts
  • Scissor lifts
  • Backhoes
  • Excavators
  • Farm machinery

Buildings + Oversized Loads


If you have a site shed, shipping container or another oversized load, we can pick it up, transport it and drop it off without hassle.

Whether you are planning to fill up your shipping container for an easy move or have a shed moved to its permanent location, we have you covered.
A Tilt Tray Carrying An Oversized Loads — Dubbo Tilt Tray Services in Dubbo, NSW
White Tilt Tray Carrying An Old Vehicle — Dubbo Tilt Tray Services in Dubbo, NSW

Contact Us For A Free Quote


We’re ready to help you with all of your transportation needs. From cars and trucks, to heavy equipment and shipping containers, we’re equipped to get your loads safely from one location to another.

Our quotes are free, and we don’t have to come to be onsite to give you a quote. That makes it even easier to request our services.

Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions



Are your services limited to certain days or times?

Our services are available day or night, all week. If you need tilt tray services on a Sunday at 3pm or a Tuesday at 5am, we have you covered.

How much weight can you safely transport?

Our trucks hold a maximum of 11 tonnes. However, we like to keep the loads under that, so we work with loads up to 10.5 tonnes.

What’s the largest sized load you can transport?

Our trucks can carry large loads of all sizes. However, we limit our loads to a maximum of 9 metres.